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Thread: Soon to be newbie looking for experienced opinions

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    Default Soon to be newbie looking for experienced opinions

    I'm currently researching kayaking. I've little experience but I am interested in purchasing a kayak to bum around the Prince William Sound. Ideally, I am interested in putting in near whittier and pulling over night(s) trips to some of the calving glaciers.
    I don't own anything yet and will be looking into some used equipment.
    I plan to buy a drysuit for scuba diving so i'll have it for kayaking also. Originally I planned to get a long sea kayak (touring) but have heard that some have no problem using shorter recreational kayaks in the ocean. Is this reasonable or one of those "it can be done in theory" kind of things?

    Any thoughts, comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm no sea kayaker, but I do know that longer boats are faster and take less effort to paddle distance. You CAN do a lot of things, but...

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    Default Sea Kayaks

    Jim, you are right,, you can paddle a longer Kayak faster with less energy than you can a shorter kayak.
    Also.. the plastic Kayaks can be slower than a glass kayak.
    Many folks prefer the plastic Kayaks over the Glass because of cost and they bounce off objects with less damage.
    But Plastic boats will scratch up and those scratches will cause resistance.
    If you are going for long several mile aday tripping, in the ocean, I like a kayak at least 17 feet long.
    This way I can put enough gear in to camp and stay for several days, and the kayak can be loaded to maximize displacement.
    I myself don't care for tandem Kayaks.
    I like my own boat..
    I never go out alone anymore.
    Learn deep water rescue techniques.
    and join the local Kayak and canoe club.
    There are some great helpers in local clubs.
    Ask advice on equipment from several sources before you buy.
    Don't let the salesman at the store convince you of what you need.
    Purchase a subscription,or buy off the shelf paddler magazine, Or I recomend the new out this month " Gear Guide 2009, Canoe and Kayak Magazine.. It has 2,109 Boats listed and 699 paddles.
    Read the reviews by real users, and continue to bounce your thoughts off of forums like this..
    Make sure you make plans to be a part of this next springs float down a river that the forum is setting up... and don't be affraid to ask if you can try out a boat or two when you come.. If you don't have a boat purchased by this next May, you can just ask if anyone has an extra kayak you can paddle and try out..
    I have a few different ones and would be happy for you to try one if you like..
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    Default buying an ocean kayak

    think most of the pros and cons have been said. Alaska Kayak Academy has some Wilderness Systemt Tsunami boats on sale. Wilderness System considers them the SUV of sea boats. They are 16 ft long good week long tour boat. If you are considering plastic boat you might want to give them a call or look at their site. or 907 746 6600

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