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Thread: Idaho Mining Anyone?

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    Default Idaho Mining Anyone?

    Is there anyone on this forum that has done any mining in s.w. Idaho? I'm looking to get into it but can't even seem to find a store that carry's mining gear. Any advice you can give will be apreciated.

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    Bummer, nobody. I'd better just order a Le Trap online or head to home depot and build something.

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    Default SW Idaho mining

    Don't know much about the SW area. Most of my ( little) experience has been along the Idaho Batholith in the ctr of the state, Salmon River area.

    It's been pretty well prospected since the late 1800', lots of mining history, old claims, etc. You can find flour in the rivers draining the Batholith, don't know anyone who got rich though.

    Do a google search on Idaho mining districts and you will find some numbers, history. etc. Good luck.

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    Default Idaho Prospecting supply

    Hello, THere is a place in Boise that carries mining supplies. It is They have a sweet recirculating highbanker with pump for only $168 and the G1 highbanker for only $535


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