Camera Land's Holiday Daily Blowout, Day 7

We have been working with all of our suppliers to find items we can offer at crazy low prices for the holidays.
With this in mind we will be trying to post something everyday.

Today's post is for the Vortex Stokes 10x42 DLS Binocular for only $399.99.
The Total Optical Performance System
The premium DLS binoculars are designed to meet the challenges of birding in any kind of habitat or lighting condition. Expect truly outstanding resolution and superior color fidelity because of the high reflectance ratio, 64-layer premium mirror-coated BaK-4 deviation prisms with the latest generation of phase corrected prism coatings. Consider what the Total Optical Performance System gives you for a very dreamy price:
Pure silver coated, phase-corrected prisms for the highest image contrast and resolution.
Precisely engineered and enhanced optical tube design to eliminate annoying glare and image ghosting.
High-density prism glass and lens elements for exceptional image brightness and sharpness.
Twilight optimized multi-layered lens element coatings for optimal low light performance.
Highly polished and precision shaped lens elements and prisms for true flat field performance and minimal spherical distortion.
XHR (eXtremely High Resolution) fully multi-layered coatings to deliver excellence in resolution and color fidelity.
Precisely designed optical system for particularly clear and precise focusing from extremely close range to infinity.
Smooth focus with just the touch of a finger - fast enough to stay with warblers hopping as close as 4.5 feet, or swallows flying erratically out to infinity.
Optimum near-to-far focus travel reacts swiftly in 1.25 revolutions.
Soft, contoured eyecups can be locked in place when fully extended.
Multiple eye relief settings are accessed by twisting down the eyecups for wide, unobstructed views with eyeglasses.
Superb depth of field let you find and follow wildlife more easily.
Click-stop diopter control is conveniently located adjacent to the right eyepiece for precise adjustments for differences in your eyes.

Please feel free to give a call to discuss this or any other product.

BTW, All of these Daily Specials will remain available to you thru the end of the month or until supplies run out.

Happy Holidays from your Camera Land family