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Thread: The WHOLE story with pics..

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    Default The WHOLE story with pics..

    Well I debated whether I should put the whole story on the forum with the pictures we have and then I decided that David would probably kill since it would take up so much room. I've been typing up our ten day moose hunt for the last couple days, and have finally completed. I think it paints a pretty good picture of our hunting experience. If you'd like a good, long, read check it out; or at least have a look at all the pictures.

    Here are a few pics from the hunt as well.

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    Smile Sisters?

    Do you have any sisters that are not married?
    Great story and great web site also.
    No I am serious do you have any sisters?

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    Default I'm speechless..

    Jill and Aaron, you guys are awesome. The story and pictures are truley amazing. I'm so happy for you guys! The truck looks great with the racks on top of it. I can only imagine the smile on your face all the way back to town when people passed you.

    Can't wait to see you guys again and hear the story first hand!

    I'll try calling...again!

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    Default YES, Excellent

    and what about those sisters?

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    Default great hunt

    Congratulations-----great hunt! You're deserving with the hard work put in fellow Montanans! Your story kept me on the edge of my seat. Can't wait to get out again myself.

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    Smile What Alaskan Dreams are made of

    Great job with your hunt! I been on your website for the past 1-2 hours going over all the great pics and stories. Thank you for the post and allowing us to live vicariously through your website.

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    Default awesome trip

    that's an awesome trip. Part of what makes Alaska such a great place.

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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks for the kind words...I usually don't post much on this forum because some folks tend to pick apart threads. I just wanted to share my love for Alaska.

    As for sisters??? Nope just two brothers. Sorry guys...

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    Default Congrats!

    What a great story, and the pics to go with it! Congratulations to the three of you (and the two dogs). I doubt you'll ever forget that hunt.

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    Default Thanks!


    Thanks for posting the story; I just spent an hour reading it and some of the other stuff on your website. Nice!

    I'm so glad the two of you are living your dream here; it reminds me that these ARE the "good old days" that some are saying are lost. I hope you have many happy years making memories like these, and that you will continue to share them with the hunting community. You have to develop a thick skin in order to post here regularly (believe me, I know!), but in the end it is worth it if you can help someone else live their dream too.

    The highlight of my year so far was helping a good friend take a mature bull moose after a 15-year oddysey covering literally hundreds of miles by river, airplane and on foot. He hung in there and kept trying. Eventually it paid off.

    Best of luck to you as you prepare for winter!


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    Default Thanks for the great stories and website

    Jill & Aaron,

    Thanks for bring that spark of excitment back to me if only for the last hour as read through your website. I love Cantwell and Nancy lake area. Looking at your pictures reminds me of those places.

    Thanks again, Bigmnt

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    Very cool pictures and website.

    The timeline journal of your cabin is spectacular. That looks like a lot of work, but well worth it.


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    Thumbs up I showed my wife

    She said that if that Aaron guy goes missing that the cops better check on all you guys at the outdoor directory for information.
    Especially those guys that posted ' "do you have a sister?"..
    the truth hurts the most sometimes.. and my wife is now planning to go on a trip with me next year....
    good job you two for a great job on the hunts and the great website.

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    Default I have to snicker at this comment

    "Aaron and I are not the lucky type."

    Great story, Great pics. Can only dream of having luck, skill, and desire like that!

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    The BEGINNING of the road!

    Thumbs up Amazing story and pics

    Nice work you two and a happy hand on the back of your helper!

    Sent you a PM.


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    Thanks for the great story!

    My wife and I moved up here a year ago and she likes to take on new adventures. I had her take a look at your website, she is amazed and inspired by you two. Once again, thanks for the truely great story.


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    Awsome story!!! I enjoyed every second of the whole adventure!! Thanks for sharing!! Mark T

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    Default You definitely earned those Moose

    I know you said you felt cheated by how "easy" the first Moose was taken, but as any hunter knows you don't always bring home the quarry. Pay your dues and eventually an "easy" one comes along.

    Great website and story. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    By the way where did you get the rack for your truck? That looks like something I could use.........

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    Default truck rack

    Which rack were you referring to??? The moose rack or the top rack....LOL. We got the topper at REI in Anchorage. They usually have a good sell on them around March. We've made good use of it.


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