Got up this morning to new snow. And by the time it stop late this afternoon we got 4 to 5 inches of the white stuff! Thats on top of our 15" base. It 26 degrees and we just finished putting in 310 fleet miles after a overflow wet weekend on the lakes. There is still overflow on the lakes but the trail smoothed out well from all the ice jumbles that the overflow cause along with a couple of crazy 4-weelers that just made a mess!!! Anyway all the main trails groomed out nicely and should be great for the weekend!
Also check the Desha Landing Report for the most up to date river condishions
Maps are avable at local stores, and in Big Lake at Alaska House of Yamaha and in Eagle River at Eagle River Polaris Arctic Cat.
Please respect Private Property till you get out to the Willow Swamp.