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Thread: Utility 4x4 prices

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    Question Utility 4x4 prices

    I went in to Los Anchorage today and started to price a few mid sized utility 4 wheelers. I verbally priced out a few machines(nothing in writing), each with a wench and and a snow plow. They are:
    1.) 2008 Arctic Cat 500, manual tranny, carberated for $6500
    2.) 2009 Arctic Cat 550 H1, Auto, EFI, about $7300
    3.) 2008 Polaris 500, automatic, EFI for $7000
    4.) 2008 CanAm 400, XT package, Auto, EFI $7500
    5.) 2008 CanAM 500, XT package, Auto, EFI $8300

    Sales folks wanted me to believe:
    That the CanAm is the *high end* machine in quality of parts (not to mention price) and I seem to believe this. Seems like they make a great machine.
    The AC and Polaris are more heavily built for plowing (than Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and other brands but I did not look at any of them because I ran out of time).
    EFI are suppose to be better for starting on cold days, and they get better fuel economy.
    All have disc brakes, independent suspension, high ground clearance, and appear to well built.
    CanAm is suppose to have the highest quality of rims and tires in their XT models.

    What am I missing??? Sound about right? My main goal will be plowing the driveway on days like today, general hauling on our little farm, plus some hunting and occational two up rides in places like Chitina.

    Thanks for any insight...
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    Last April I bought a new ATV but prior to that I spend 6 months and a few hundred hours researching different brands. For what it is worth this is what I found:

    Can-Am 4x4's are renound for weak frames. (do the research yourself and see) If you are an agressive rider you will warp or buckle the frame after time. Up to the 08 models they have not changed the frames or added reinforcing. They are the high dollar machine.

    Arctic Cat are overbuild and sprung on the heavy side(stiff ride). Stay away from the 650 - the tranny is weak. If you want something larger then the 500 jump to the 700H1. Except for the tranny problems with the 650 they seem to be bullet proof.

    Polaris are sound machines with a good 4x4 system. They are heavy for their size (the 08 500 is about 732 pounds) and have about the best ride.

    Yamaha and Suzuki are both very fine machines with good mechanicals. The Yamaha is known for a little better ride and a softer seat.

    I did not research the Kawi since there is only one dealer around so I felt service and parts might be a problem.

    Just what I found - your money - you decide. Good Luck.


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