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Thread: Left hand CZ in .223? sorry search isn't working!!

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    Question Left hand CZ in .223? sorry search isn't working!!

    Sorry to be redundant here but I can't locate anything in the archives because the search function doesn't work right now.

    I understand from reading here that CZ is going to make a bolt in .223?
    Is it on the 550 action?

    I'm not very familiar with CZ rifles but a buddy of mine has a 550(?) RH, in .223 and he loves it....

    Thanks for the help....


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    If and when it happens, I'm betting it will be on the 520-series action due to the smaller head size. I've heard lots of references to more LH models from CZ including G&A magazine, but there's nothing on the site right now that I can find.

    I have had their LH 452 American for about 6 months now, and I'm mightily impressed with it for workmanship and accuracy. Typical European trigger, but I've learned to live with it.

    My favorite gun shop is keeping their ear to the ground for more LH announcements (they know I'll order right away), but so far nothing more.

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    I had e-mailed them awhile back and they said they will be offering the 550 safari and the 223 in 452 I think, I know the 223 will be before the safari. I would e-mail them and ask and while your at it tell them some other calibers you would like to see as well, I've been pushing them for a 338 winmag as they don't offer us a good medium bore as the 9.3x62 isn't readily available here and the 338 is very popular. They should be offering the 223 in the beginning of 2007.............


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