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Thread: Model 70 Trigger Work

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    Default Model 70 Trigger Work

    Does anyone have any suggestions for someone to do some trigger work on a a Win Model 70. I need to lighten up my trigger. I am in the Eagle River area.



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    Default Precision Arms in Anchorage

    I've taken several rifles to Vince Baldauf. He has done great jobs for me and turned them around very quickly. I took in a Model 70 years ago, and he actually was honest enough to tell me that it was such a good trigger, he probably couldn't improve it much for the money.

    But he's done a revolver, a Ruger 77, two Rem 700s, and a Rem 600 for me. Nothing but praise for the man!



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    Default Very easy to adjust.

    They are very easy to adjust. Google search, just don't adjust the over travel nut if you're not familiar. Vince does do a great job, too.


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