Camera Land's Holiday Daily Blowout, Day 6

We have been working with all of our suppliers to find items we can offer at crazy low prices for the holidays.
With this in mind we will be trying to post something everyday.

Today's post is for the Zeiss Diascope 65mm T FL
Non-LotuTec Model with Zeiss Victory LotuTec Vario Ocular 15-45x Eyepiece in your choice of Straight or Angled Models in either Silver or Green
for only $1199.99
The compact, very lightweight spotting scope with eyepieces for straight or angled viewing. The short length of only 11.81" is ideal for comfortable transportation in a backpack, and the weight of 2.43 lbs. makes it easier to carry over long distances. Another benefit: the lower the weight of the spotting scope, the lighter the tripod can also be.

Please feel free to give a call to discuss this or any other product.

BTW, All of these Daily Specials will remain available to you thru the end of the month or until supplies run out.

Happy Holidays from your Camera Land family