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    Question Best Bou

    Myself and three friends, one of which is an AK resident, recently retruned from a 9 day float trip down the Koktuli River in 17b. We had a great trip, but the hunting was poor.

    We are already starting to plan next years trip. The group has decided to focus on Caribou. The members of our group are all mentally and physically prepared for what AK can throw at you. To us, the chalange is half the fun.

    With that in mind, does anyone have sugestions on where to go for good opportunities for trophy class caribou? We are only interested in unguided drop or float hunts. More than anything, I guess I'm looking for recommendations on locations, timing and air taxis.

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    Default Well is sounds....

    like you guys had a good camping trip anyway! Glad you had a good time in the state, sorry you didn't connect.

    My suggestion would first be to search back through this forum as there are lots of conversations regarding different areas in the state to hunt and outfitters. I would maybe concentrate on hunting in the northern part of the state, perhaps out of Kotzebue, or Happy Valley along the Haul Road (if you are looking for a fly in) just because of the shear number of caribou you can see. There are several air taxi operators up there, several of which have been discussed on this forum.

    Do some searches on the internet as well for air taxis and outfitters in Alaska and you will probably get a lot of hits.

    Good luck!

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    Default Info on your hunt

    I am going to float the koktuli river this coming september. I was wondering if you could give me a little info on your trip you took down it such as any good spots to check out for moose or caribou.

    Thank You

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    I took a trip up the hual road last year, only saw two caribou-one would have scored over 400 and the other was a trophy as well. ( next to the road w/ rifle= no shot) they were about 20 miles south of the no hunt area. the biggest caribou you will see tend to travel in small groups. youll find big caribou in big herds but the ones with wide palmation and huge scratchers ect will be amoungst there own. find a good float up there and with the numbers of head and amount distance covered you should nail a trophy.

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    40 mile air out of TOK does real well but they fill up fast wrights air out of fairbanks will take you to the north slope but it is expensive about $1800 a head those would be your best options for fly out......

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    Default call PV

    I would talk to Larry Bartlett over at Pristine ventures. Planning unguided remote float hunts is his specialty, especially if you want a challange and to have the place to yourselves, and he is second to none.. He has a variety of options to choose from, and is definatly worth the call. Just my advise, but you will find alot of hunters who agree with me on this one.

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    I have a friend who was floating some river on the slope who ran into 20,000 bou, I figure one of em would fit your needs, so go north
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    Thumbs up river suggestions

    I would also second Larry Bartlett. He has planned a few moose & caribou trips for me,I have always been succesfull using his service & usually end up with more that I could ask for both in service & the game seen. You can contact him here . Plus he is just a great guy to work with you would not be sorry. good luck


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