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    Anyone else using their ML for snowshoes? I've killed all mine with nothing else for the last three years. All that field carry sure helps you pare down your kit while improving both marksmanship and reload skills.

    If you can stuff a PRB down the front, it will be fine for hares with reduced loads. I'm using 30 gr Pyrodex P in a 54 Lyman Great Plains Rifle, 50 gr in a scoped Knight 54 carbine, 25 gr in both a 36 cal Bobcat and 32 cal Traditions Crockett. All head shots. The last is my favorite for hares because it's so handy, but the 54's get a lot of use too, simply as field practice with my big game guns.

    How much hare hunting am I talking about? This should tell you: We debone hare and take it to a smokehouse. They add 5 pounds of fat to 25 pounds of hare to make 30 pounds of the best summer sausage or pepper stick you have ever tasted.

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    Now that the big game is in the freezer, has anyone else switched over to hares?

    I've only been out a couple of times, but it looks like a good year.

    So far I've been head whacking with my 54 GPR. It will put all shots touching at 25 yards offhand with 30gr Pyro P and PRB, making it a serious small game gun in spite of the big bore. The gun will do about the same at 50 yards, but the offhand mechanism can't.

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    Default sounds like fun...

    I'm gonna give that a try!

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    If you want field practice for big game hunting this is it! I missed one in the brush at about 20 yard last week, but he didn't run off. Talk about speed loading! Of course I got to practice three times and still couldn't slip that big old 54 cal ball through all those skinny alder limbs. I learned a whole bunch, but went home and ate leftovers.


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