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Thread: new eyeglasses and shooting

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    Stupid question...........I just got reading glasses that work about 10 to 18 inches in front of my mug. First pair. Distance is still fine. Would I wear these when I shoot to focus on the rear sight / scope reticle, or leave them off to concentrate on the front sight /target?

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    Rifleshooter, if your eyes are like mine, I use glasses for reading only right now. I can't use open sights anymore and have scopes on everything except my shotguns. Even the pellet has a 3-9 scope on it. Good practice also. Scopes just have to be focused for me and I am all set. I am not sure what I will have to do, or what full time eyeglass wearers do??? Mark

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    Do not wear your reading glasses in the field. They will impair your far vision.

    If you are having a problem focusing on the rear sight and front sight at the same time install a peep sight and you will have no focusing problems.

    For scope use adjust your scope's focus by loosening the rear ring just forward of the eye piece and turn the eye piece until the retical is in focus, several turns is not uncommon. For a final check point the rifle into the sky and shoulder it with your eyes closed. When you open your eyes the reticle should be in focus immediately. If it takes a split second for the reticle to become sharp and in focus, readjust it some more.
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    If you are going to shoot a rifle with open or match type sights, reading glasses are a no-no. there are optomatrists that can make shooting glasses for using rifle sights. A lot of the people I used to shoot with had them made for that purpose. The scope on a rifle should let you adjust the diopter on the ocular lens. Most have a diopter range of + or - 6. Making glasses unnessacary, good luck.
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    thanks guys!

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    neil is a wiz on glassess and shooting...mostly fromt he traget shooting angle, but worth chatting with. he help me with shooting glassess


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