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Thread: Aluminum boat fabricators in SC

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    Default Aluminum boat fabricators in SC

    Looking for experiences ppl have had and with who. Looking to have a transom bracket for O/B's built for a 29ft al. boat with a curent I/B with jet. And possibly adding a little legnth to the boat???? not sure about that yet, but anyone know a competant shop and isn't outragously priced?

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    Default Alvin Millard, Artistic Aluminum Fabricators

    You cant do any better than to have Alvin help you out (if he has time) he may seem expensive (I think he is very fairly priced) if you check his shop rate (not sure what it is at this moment) but you can be assured you are getting far more value for his work than most other places. His quality and efficiencies, along with his integrity in tracking his shop time, more than make him affordable compared to other shops around. In fact, I'd say he's the best deal in town... (he's located near lake lucille in the valley) 229-8485

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    Glacier Craft just did this on a 30' Lifetimer. Be worth giving them a call.
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    Default Armstrong

    Don't rule out Armstrong.

    They built a very nice bracket for me.

    They are located in Florida, but you can truck it across the continent and you may be money ahead.

    If your boat is a total custom job, you will need to give them exact measurements and it helps them to know where your current waterline is at the transom.

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    bay welding in homer has made quite a few here in homer

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    Default L.G.

    What kind of bones are we talking roughly for shipping? When was it? They look like a good product.


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