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Thread: Opinions on 2 different Glocks Please

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    Default Opinions on 2 different Glocks Please

    I own a Glock 23 and Glock 20. I've been thinking about a Glock 29 and/or a Glock 32 or 33.

    I'm not very familiar with the .357 sig round, but would like to hear from someone with one of these Glocks.

    I'd also like to hear from someone with a 29. I love my 20 and the 10mm round, but wondering what its like shooting the 10mm out of the subcompact Glock.

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    I was wondering the same; as I'd been looking at picking up a 29 myself.

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    Well Iíll toss in my .02
    I have a G31 in .357 sig (currently barreled as a G22 .40cal) I like the 357, itís a good fast round, decent penetration. I killed several NY whitetails with it before I moved to AK. Then I put a .40 barrel in it a few months ago.
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    Default G29

    I have found the G29 to be very nice. I've never fired the full size so I can't compare but I sure do like the G29. Just put the finger extension on the bottom of the magazine for a little more grip. Just my .02.

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    Default .357 sig

    The sig round is pretty cool shooting it can be comparable to .40 with a bit more snap. good in between round but ammo is not as abundant like 45 or 9mm.

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    I'm not a Glock guy but I do know the .357 Sig. I like the .40S&W better myself. The .357 Sig is faster but with a smaller bullet than the .40 but both have about the same energy. Since about the reason to go with the smaller faster bullet is longer range, and the .40's range is farther than I can hit with an auto I feel it's the better round.

    .40S&W is also the choice of more and more police departments now so they believe in them also. Phoenix PD used to use 9mm but went to the .40 after a cop was attacked by a pit bull in 1992 and hit the dog in the head 3 times with his 9mm Glock. All 3 9mm's went under the skin, turned along the dog's skull and went back out the skin. This just ticked off the dog, who did a good bit of payback to the cop once he got there.

    Anyway, thats my 2 cents.


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