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    Was looking at a GOLIGHT Styker model spot, search light for wife for Christmas.. She is going to mount it above anchor pulpit on rails of my 2525. Its a wireless model with half mill candle power. Any thoughts on product or location of mounting.

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    Most spot lights are a waste of money. I have go lights mounted on my radar arch went I turn them on the glare makes it hard to see out the windows. A good light needs to be mounted in the bow below the deck. Buy a hand held light and plug it in when you need it. Light force makes a good hand held light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captaindd View Post
    A good light needs to be mounted in the bow below the deck.
    Or mount them a little further back so that the edge of the cabin roof deflects the glare. I agree that the light force rock! I have some big light force spots that are pretty impressive. You can adjust them so that they are spots or floods. They put out a lot of light. I plan on mounting an ACR remote spot light at some point in time.
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    Going out on a limb here, and agreeing with both Captaindd and Spoiled One.

    (gotta be careful, after the marine radio thread )

    The non-movable spots on my little landing craft suck at night while running, casting too much light onto the bow and reflecting back into the cab. At least when running at speed. However, when approaching the shore, they light up the shore enough to be invaluable.

    Although, even at speed, they will illuminate logs and such, usually close enough to avoid them.

    Remotely adjustable spot lights are excellent, even when mounted on the cab, when used to port and starboard. When my company decided to mount 500,000cp lights on top the wheelhouse of our 42ft boats, I thought it was a waste, since there are much more powerful lights on the market. However, in real life use, they worked out great for illuminating docks and other hazards at clutch speed.

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    My lights are great for lighting up land and that's it, I can go into a cove and light up the forest like a car would on a road, but on the open water there useless. They just don't make that practical, affordable, set of "headlights" for a boat we all would like to have. Handheld spotlight, radar, GPS, going slow, or be anchored at night.


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