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Thread: Need a good book on trapping...

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    Default Need a good book on trapping...

    This is a call for help from anyone who knows more than me... probably all of you. I'm looking for a good book on trapping. I'd like to get into trapping here in Alaska, but my experience is limited to trapping coyotes, coons, and bobcats growing up in Texas. I assume that there are some similarities, but I know there are a lot of things I need to learn to be successful up here. If someone can suggest a good book to get me started, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    The AK Trappers Association puts out a book on AK trapping. Pretty good book, just go over to their web site. I also bought trapping north american fur bearers. Between the two and asking some questions you'll be up and running in no time. Good luck!

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    Pointy, thanks for the input. I'll grab copies of those... looking forward to getting out there. Good luck this season.


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    Default trapperman

    Get on trapperman and read the archived posts, INCREDIBLE info there, then read through the wilderness forum archive and you will find TONS of knowledge there.

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    I second the Alaska Trappers Manual and the Trapperman forum. If you are close to Wasilla you can pickup a copy of the book at Fort Green.

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    Dean Wilson's book on Alaska trapping can't remember the name but that one and the ATA manual are the two best I've seen on Alaska trapping.

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    I agree with Fish, the Wilderness Trapping and Living Forum on Trapperman is a GREAT resource. The majority of the info on there, you won't find in any book. Dean's book "The ALASKAN TRAPPER HANDBOOK" is a good resource as well, I'm especially fond of pages 62 and 92
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    Thanks for all the info, guys... much appreciated.


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