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Thread: Deshka Landing Trails Report 12/8/08

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    Default Deshka Landing Trails Report 12/8/08

    I was inspired by Trail Boss to start posting conditions for the Lower Susitna and Yentna Drainages. We will try to post on Monday's and on Friday's depending on the information that is submitted to us.



    Reported By:

    Leif S., Joe W., and Jim C. all used the User Trails Report to submit their first hand experience on the trails this weekend. They are now eligible to win a new DLOA fleece jacket!


    High temps in the 30's for the last 5 days has made some hazards out on the rivers.
    Weather History

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    15" on the ground at Landing, 4-5" new snow Wednesday night. Snow has become wet and heavy due to increase in temperatures. There was a slight dusting this weekend, but nothing to really take note of.
    Parking lot plowed on Thursday and Friday. Both sides look good.

    Trail Conditions:

    Big Sue, Fish Creek, GCI Trail, Yentna River, Deshka River- Big Sue is good with some wet spots, nothing deep. Fish Creek up to GCI trail has a few wet spots, but same as Big Sue, not very deep or long. When you start on the GCI trail and drop down into the slough, and go to the right it is pretty bad overflow in spots, and it chewed up from bank to bank, so you have no choice but to go through the slush and it's 1' to 2' deep in spots. Once you're on the Yentna, it has a few wet spots up to Skwentna but is not deep. Deshka River- Lots of overflow. Just up river from Deshka River Lodge a couple foot of water.

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    Question Good!!!

    Hey guys I love it!!! Nothing like first hand reports!!!
    Has anybody started using Jack Laubs Deshka River X-over?
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    Default Jack's

    Quote Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post
    Has anybody started using Jack Laubs Deshka River X-over?
    When we came through this weekend we saw no tracks of anyone coming across. And with the amount of water on the Deshka I am sure there is still open water.


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