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Thread: drying, smoking fish

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    Default drying, smoking fish

    I dont know if this is a silly question but Ill ask anyway. Now I have always heard stories of a fish camp and people drying and smoking fish at their remote locations through out Alaska. My question is about Bears and other animals that would crave the delicious bounty from the smokers and fish camps. For example, wouldn't a bear love to destroy someone's smokehouse they built and devour the scented wood or scraps hanging from a while back. I have never heard of it happening but I couldn't imagine an animal turning down such a treat. has nyone had encounters or is their a magic way to deter animals from possibly tearing down a home built smoker or fish camp?

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    The bears generally do not like scraping tin on the sides of the smoke house.
    We had a brown and black get into our smokehouse when it had plywood sides.
    Put tin up and no more break-ins.
    For fish on the drying rack not much you can do other then be watchfull and shoot the bears when they get to be a problem.


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