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Thread: I got tired of talking to my friends so...

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    Default I got tired of talking to my friends so...

    I have many friends that have been riding for many many years up here. They fully believe that the old nononsense lightweight wheelers of years ago are the best for Alaska hands down, or they have gone to tracked rigs because getting 40 or so miles back with a large camp in tow, was just too much work on the best wheelers.

    I have been blessed with no brand loyal bone in my body, however it took me many years to go to a big bore wheeler due to the belt drive system. My first experiences with belt drives in the early 90's left me cold. I took the plunge again into belt drives several years back. I have a love hate relationship with my wheeler but I will stay in the belt drive arena until a better drive system for the big bores comes out. From experience it is not the Hondamatic at this point in time.

    As I stated I could not get my friends to look at the new wheelers on the market. The would not even try to open their minds. I was able to take a differant approach this year. I did not go hunting so I let them borrow my 700 Prarie SRA, sealed belt system, power upgrades,on tires more than mudlites.

    Case in point #1.

    Gentleman and lady in their 50's riding the mountains. Their wheelers of choice old Yamaha and Honda.

    Result # 1 They are looking at new wheelers above 500cc brand is undecided as of yet.

    Case in point #2.

    Track rig hunter(been on Rex in track rig), walk in hunter riding borrowed 450 honda on mud machines, and walk in hunter on 700 King Quad on tracks riding the Rex trail.

    Result # 2

    Track rig hunter and father ,Arctic Cat 700's still looking at tires and trailers. Hunter on borrowed 450, AC 700 still looking for upgrades. 700 King quad owner looking for lift and tires.

    For what it is worth,

    It is nice to know that there are "ALASKANS" out there, no matter where they live.

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    I was just as skeptical when I bought my brute but eventually realized a belt drive has many more advantages than disadvantages. You really have to extensively ride one to actually get the feel of what I mean. People can talk about rubber bands, wet belts, and this and that, but in the end it's a bunch of fluff.

    My favorite aspect of the belt drive is you are always in the right gear, you simply do not loose power when banging through the gears on a manual drive. While towing and passing through bogs the advantages are clear.

    Dan, I bet you would really take to my KQ. You up for checking my traps with me on a weekend?

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    I'd be up for checking them. I would like to get the KQ out and stretch it's legs a little. Dan, we could yake the kids out and have a good time. I'm sure they would enjoy learning something new.Doug


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