I took the snow-go's up to Nancy Lake and made the trip out to Redshirt for some icefishing. The trail is in pretty rough shape, it is an 8 mile washboardall the way to the lake then, where it meets the lake there is just a 3 foot drop to the ice. I tried to build up a bit of a snow ramp for future travelers but it's quite the experiance if you don't see it coming. When we got there we realized that the lake is almost entirely covered in 2 inches of overflow water and VERY sloppy. My girlfriend is a first time snow machiner and I was a bit nervous about all the overflow so we just followed the shore north from the Lynx Creek inlet and put some tip-ups out off the first point. We had 3 flags but no fish in just about 3 hours. A few other snow machines made it out to the lake and there was only one other group of icefishers. They said the same thing I did, too darn sloppy for snowmachines. The troopers were also out on the lake checking licenses and vehicle registration. All in all, a good adventure to start getting used to AK, but boy am I beat up.