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Thread: Calling In Deep Snow

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    Default Calling In Deep Snow

    Since the snow has gotten deeper I've noticed a big decrease in the amount of tracks I see in my normal calling spots. I had early success calling near clearings and lakes but since the recent snow I havn't had much luck. I've read predators don't like post-holing trough deep snow anymore than people do, so do they change their travel routes? What kinds of terrain do you think would be more productive for calling in the deep snow?

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    I've noticed in my area the coyotes seem to be following the snow machine trails, and also lots of heavy traffic on the rabbit trails. From what I have read and seen they like to take the easiest path possible. This can be a plus if you can work it to you're advantage. Another thing to consider is if the snow is drifted and hard the dogs can walk right on top of it and not leave a track. One thing that is a sure sign though is poo. If you find poo you're in the right spot! Hope this helped a little.

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    When the snow gets deeper, I hit beaches at daybreak. Doesn't seem to matter what the stage of the tide is, just be there at first light.


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