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Thread: Trip to Ketchikan

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    Default Trip to Ketchikan

    Hi All,

    I am new to your forum, writing from Seattle. I am considering a trip to Ketchikan in September. There is a small lodge there (3 bed, 2 bath) that caters to small groups. They offer guided and non-guided fishing. Here is what we have a quote for so far:

    6 guys, 1 day of guided trolling (just our group on a boat, not part of a huge charter), then 4 days self-guided, with the use of a 20 foot Hewescraft (?) Aluminum boat, a rentla van for easy trips in and around town, and lodging in the cabin (10 min north of Ketchikan). Total is about $1,000 per person for the week. Does not include airfare, food, beer, gas for the boat, and/or flies or bait for trolling.

    Apparently there are some river options that we could drive or boat to, since the small boat can only really accomodate 4 for trolling.

    1. This seems like a pretty good deal. Has anyone done a trip like this that could give me input.
    2. They have an opening in the middle of Sept. when the silvers are supposed to be thick! Is that a good time to go fishing and/or weather wise?
    3. Does anyone know of an equivelant length and cost of trip that would focus on river fishing?
    4. Other pbvious costs I'm missing?

    Thanks for the input.


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    What lodge??

    Anyway to answer your questions:
    1) n/a
    2) It depends on the year. Fish don't show up on the same day every year. Seems like lately the last couple years they've been late. I usually hit silvers at the end of September and best at the Beginning of August. The weather depends as well. You never know in SE..
    3) n/a
    4) Sounds like you got your costs in order.. don't forget the 5 bucks from the airport to the island! Possibly a can of bear spray, unless you guys are packing heat too. Its always a good idea, especially if your river fishing in salmon streams. Better safe than sorry.

    My worries.. September is going to be a bit early for good silver fishing and a bit late for good king fishing as well as right in between two sockeye runs. So humpies and dogs. Foul hook central. Don't get me wrong, its serious fun!
    Also six dudes in a 20ft hewescraft... blah. You're gonna hate life expecially if you do any trolling or bottom fishing. Most of those rental boats are underpowered as it is. I don't like doing it with anymore than 3 of us. One to drive, two to man the rods.

    times your original estimate for beer times 1.5 as well.

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    With Ketchikan weather, beer gets a 3x.

    You can run over to Naha and get into some nice fly fishing for trout and dollies. If your boat has the power, heading back to Traitor's Cove may be an idea. 10 minutes north of town puts you around Mud Bight. Is the boat out of Knudson Cove?

    Also, Ketchikan is a part of north Seattle. It's not really a part of Alaska.
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