Hi All,

I am a brand new member to your forum, from Seattle. I am considering a trip to Ketchikan in September. There is a small lodge there (3 bed, 2 bath) that caters to small groups. They offer guided and non-guided fishing. Here is what we have a quote for so far:

6 guys, 1 day of guided trolling (just our group on a boat, not part of a huge charter), then 4 days self-guided, with the use of a 20 foot Hewescraft (?) Aluminum boat, a rental van for easy trips in and around town, and lodging in the cabin (10 min north of Ketchikan). Total is about $1,000 per person for the week. Does not include airfare, food, beer, gas for the boat, and/or flies or bait for trolling.

Apparently there are some river options that we could drive or boat to, since the small boat can only really accomodate 4 for trolling.

1. This seems like a pretty good deal. Has anyone done a trip like this that could give me input.
2. They have an opening in the middle of Sept. when the silvers are supposed to be thick! Is that a good time to go fishing and/or weather wise?
3. Does anyone know of an equivelant length and cost of trip that would focus on river fishing?
4. Other obvious costs I'm missing?

Thanks for the input.