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Thread: Scott's last day in Alaska

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    Default Scott's last day in Alaska

    This is Scott's summary after making his final hunt in Alaska on this trip. Needless to say, he had a blast and can't wait to come back again. Unfortunately on his next trip up I may be joining him, but I'll be a nonresident as well!

    Well all good things must come to an end. I had to go pick RingKing up from the Coast Guard boat before we set out. We had planned on going after the Mallards one last time down the river we hunted the first day. The winds that were forecasted were not to be which meant that the Mallard hunting would be slow at best. We had a choice to make and neither one of us wanted to make the call on where to go. It was either roll the dice on the Mallards or go after the Sea Ducks and Goldeneye.
    Well I figured since I was in Alaska and I did come here specifically to hunt the Sea Ducks and Goldeneye's I made the call to go hunt them. Now the bad part was that I knew we would be seeing the Harlequin and I was limited out for the trip already so it was going to be torturous to have to watch RingKing shoot the Harli's while I concentrated on the Goldeneye and hopefully any Scoters. The winds were CALM and there was a steady rain, not a downpour but steady so it was going to be a wet one. The ride over to the bay we were going to hunt was sort of depressing because I knew it would be my last and the lack of birds we were seeing didn't look promising. I started to second guess my decision to go after the Sea Ducks.
    We arrived to the spot and there was about 15 or so Goldeneye sitting right by the rock we were going to set up on. Pulling up in the boat busted them out and we quickly got busy setting out the long lines. Finally after getting the 3rd line out RK dropped me off on shore and went to park the boat. The hunt began. It was sort of fast and furious there for a bit. The Goldeneye were trading back & fourth and we managed to decoy a good number of them. But what killed me was seeing the Harlequin. It was painful to watch RK shoot his limit but it was all fun at the same time. Those little birds are so awesome but they are dumb as a box of rocks!
    Things slowed down to nothing. We had Harlequin lighting in the decoys after RK had his limit and we just watched them. It was so cool just watching their behavior, such cool little birds. We didn't see anymore Goldeneye and I said well if you're ready let's pull the decoys and head back. We both were worn out so I knew it was time to call it as much as I didn't want to. However, RK said let's give it a few more minutes. In those last few minutes we had one last bird to decoy and he took the ride with us back to the harbor.
    What an experience Alaska has been. I will never forget this trip for as long as I live. RingKing has been a gracious host and has been far too kind and accommodating. I will never be able to thank him enough for his hospitality. Words or the pictures will never be able to tell the entire story. This is a place that you must experience for yourself to really appreciate what this great state has to offer. Thank you again RingKing for everything!

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    Great pics guys and an equally good narrative. Thanks for sharing. Makes all the rest of us jealous.

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    I hope for just one hunt like that some day. Thanks for shareing and I am glad you enjoyed AK!


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