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    I am sure there are some out there who might think me a bit off for feeling this way, not on this forum, of course, but I really love reloading, been doing it a long time, privately and commercially. I have had a terrific shop set up with multiple Star reloaders and single stage presses with all the necessary scales and trimmers, and lots of primers, powder, bullets, etc. I've homesteaded with only a board nailed to a stump using c-clamps for the press, but I've always found a way to continue my passion for it. There is something therapeutic about this normally repetitive activity, something basically productive as many things are where you assemble simple parts to create a finished product. Then too, it is great to go out and put many small holes in a minimal area, making sweet booming sounds as well. Yeah, I love it and even though I have done it at times just for economy, there is always something more to the process. I highly recommend it to anyone with the desire and mindset to undertake it in a methodical and safe manner. Find someone who loves it too and make a good friend as well. I have done so over the years. though many of them are gone now, I have lots of memories of sessions on the bench and even when opinions heat up the air. It's been sweet.
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    Hey! If I look thru this empty beer bottle, I think I can see Russia from here!!!


    well said, and so true!
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    You put it very well man. Reloading is one of those skills that still gets passed on from person to person on a personal level (as opposed to professional) for the most part.

    Even if it weren't cost-effective, I'd still do it because it's extremely relaxing and there is nothing like successfully producing good quality ammo with your own hands. Makes me proud every time and I can't wait to become experienced at it so that I can pass the hobby on to someone new.


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