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Thread: blaser bolt guns????

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    Default blaser bolt guns????

    so does any one know about these bolt guns that blaser makes namely the r 93 or LRS2. their claim is a rotationless bolt. it looks sound but i dont know if i could trust a bolt like that. just curious about it. any one have any ideas or oppinions on it?

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    I have the r93 and I really like it. It is very accurate and it came that way unlike other rifles I have had in the past. I like being able to switch barrels and changing the bolt from left to right hand. They are pricey but was worth it to me. Check out this sight for more info.

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    its the strongest and most accurate "bolt" gun on the market, bar none. I have been to the Blaser plant in Isny am Allgau, Germany and I could go on and on as to why they are the best bolt guns in the world.

    I own one myself as to several of my friends. In germany, I shot a 1.5 inch 5 shot group at 330 yards with a Blaser who's barrel was so hot it burned a guys arm.

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    Default Jetline22

    I also own an R-93 rifle with a .338 barrel and love it. very accurate and light. Also kicks less than my 30-06' . The way the bolt grabs the cartridge makes the firing pin very centered on the primer. Also if you have one in the chamber engaging the safety actually relieves all spring pressure and locks the bolt. Very smooth fast action. Also the scope mounts to the barrel so when swapping barrels you should be all sighted in. Expensive but worth it I would say......


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