Well I got called into work today for a bit so it kept me off the water for the most part. Around 2pm when I finally made it home, Scott and I took a ride to see what we could salvage of the day. We tried a creep shoot on some mallards, but we got busted before getting into range. We headed over to another narrow creek that holds a variety of birds. It's a walk in hunt that doesn't require a boat so it made things simple. There were a few birds there already and we spooked them out without getting a shot. The duck hunting ended with only a pair of barrows golden eye and a buffle head. We had a couple other opportunities at some birds, but just couldn't connect. Not bad I guess for having no decoys and hunting close to home.

We then took a ride out the road in search of a new target. We jumped a single ptarmigan off the side of the road and the chase was on. Scott was able to score on his first one and it's headed for the taxidermist.