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Thread: Slow day on the salt.

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    Default Slow day on the salt.

    Headed out again yesterday for some scoters. We tried setting up in the open water and used my pirogues as a layout boat. We had a nice surf scoter drake come into the spread while we were setting out the longlines, but after we finished setting up things were really slow. We ended the morning with a couple white wing scoter hens, an immature surf scoter drake, a couple barrows golden eye, one bufflehead, and the two old squaw drakes pictured above. Not a banner day, but for a day with a complete lack of wind and waves I couldn't complain. Hopefully we'll get some more windy weather before the weeks over so that we can get on a few more mallard shoots. I'll be grilling some mallards tonight if any of you can make it!!

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    Default nice

    well i just love reading about your hunts everyday brings me back to alaska and not in this hell hole of a country of iraq. i rally am thinking about trying my luck at sea ducks when i get back from here late next year what is the best time to do so. is there a migration that you need to hit or is there birds around all the time. well tahnks again for the updates and good luck the rest of the week.

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    Ring King-All I can say is that I wish I was there with you! I've never had the chance to get after them sea ducks. I love the pics you post keep them coming.


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