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Thread: Whites muzzleloaders

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    Default Whites muzzleloaders

    Anyone know where I can find one of these rigs? I'm looking for a Thunderbolt but will consider any modern version in 504 cal.

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    Default Great Guns!!

    You might try Kents Shooter Supply in Ogden Utah, I purchased my super 91 (.504) from them 15+ years ago and occasionally had to have friends send me bullets & stuff that they get from them. I don't think they have guns left but they might know who does. If you find one don't give it up, I would not trade my white for anything! They load so easy and are the very accurate. The No-excusses bullets were designed for the white rifle and work great! I have also seen a websight that deals with the white rifle and they had at one time some used whites on the sight. You might try and google white rifle?? I put a williams peep sight on mine and over the years have taken many mule deer and elk. I hope to take a moose if I can ever draw Hope this helps!


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