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    I am looking for some recommendations for a reasonably priced unguided caribou hunt for the fall of 09. My father-in-law and his friend want me to help them put together a trip. They are both very capable outdoorsman with guide experience in the US and Canada, so I am not worried about them in the wilds of Alaska. However, I have only hunted caribou from the road system (Tier II) and am unfamiliar with opportunities for non-alaska residents. They would like to do a 7-10 day hunt and want to focus on caribou, but wouldn't turn down an opportunity for black bear or moose I would imagine. Any suggestions??? Thanks

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    Look into a fly-out drop hunt out of either Kotzebue, Bettles, or Coldfoot. Any of those options should provide them ample opportunity at caribou with a chance for wolf or possibly moose as well.

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    not sure what you consider affordable... but a slope hunt whether you fly in or float the sag. there is a lot of info on here about that...

    last time i check in coldfoot, bou drop offs were about 1750 per person. (2003)

    or do a walk in... as a lot of guys do.. 7-10 days is a good trip up there.
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