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Thread: Wolves & Yotes

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    Default Wolves & Yotes

    Got a month or so off from work and thought I would try my hand at a little predator hunting. Spoke with the local biologist and have an area he suggested thats not far. My question is when is the best time for calling?
    Looks like we have maybe 6 hours of daylight and getting shorter. Should I try early am or later in the evening. Does it really matter what time of day this time of year. A good read of the regs indicates lights are ok for this area as well as scents.If you don't mind me asking what are the rest of you doing?
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    Default Try this

    I have had luck all hours of the day. There are a couple of things that have an impact on when I call. One is what fase the moon is in. If there is lots of moon I tend to call early and late more due to the fact that they hunt more at night during full moon. With little or no moon I hunt all day. I havent hunt at night but that could work very well during lots of moon. just some suggestions.

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    Default Full moon

    I would highly suggest the full moon night hunt. The last critter I got was on the full moon. We have had good success going to where we think coyotes are (tracks,sign). Weight about 10 minutes or so if you are snow machining in, and just sit and listen. If you are in a good area you will probably hear them barking and howling. If you don't hear any thing you can give a couple barks and a short howl on you're caller. Usually if there are coyotes with in ear shot they will give you a shout back pretty quickly! After you locate them you can walk to you're spot and set up. (You should be pretty close to where you want to make you're stand before you sound the locator just in case they are close.) Keep in mind wind direction. So far the coyotes that I have called in have come from up wind and circled to down wind on low ground. The coyotes seem to be very brave during a full moon night, and will just trot right out in the open to give you a great shot! This is what my limited experience has taught me. Good luck, happy hunting!


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