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Thread: Grant Lake Cabins

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    Question Grant Lake Cabins

    Planning a winter ski/camp trip into Grant Lake, near Moose Pass. I know of one cabin on the lake near the mine. My map shows two cabins at the far end of the lake (inlet). Anyone been there? Are the cabins in decent condition? Fish in the lake? thanks

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    Default Grant Lake


    Indeed, there are a couple of buildings on the west in of the lake, near the mine. I only found one cabin on the far end, near the southeast shore. See the attached picture; while the structure was seemingly solid, it was not in what I would define as "decent conditions."

    I am not certain that Grant Lake is sterile in full definition, but I do not believe there is much for fishing in there. It is a pretty area, assuming the ceiling is high enough that one can see the mountain slopes.

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