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    Default whitewater boats

    does anybody know anything about whitewater boats. I've never heard of them and I found one on craigs list.
    I'm still looking to get the 19 foot alumaweld from my last post but I called the guy who listed it on craigs list so I could get the motor checked out and he said there might be a lein on it he would get back to me. That was two days ago. So I'm just looking around we wont have water on lake louise till late may early june I've got time.

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    I have a 21' whitewater and i love the heck out of it. Infact it sees more time in valdez than in the lakes and rivers. I did ask someone at the boat shop in fairbanks a two years ago when i had bought a kicker from them and they had told me that whitewater was bought out by smokercraft or alumacraft I can't remember totally. But I would ask someone at a boat shop if you wanted to know for sure.


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