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Thread: Arrowhead Outfitters for Moose

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    Default Arrowhead Outfitters for Moose

    I am new to this sight and it is great. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with them for moose. I am a NR and will be hunting from Sept. 5th thru Sept. 15th.

    I am prepared to send a deposit and want to get some feedback.

    Thanks in advance for any input you may be willing to give.


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    Default Arrowhead Outfitters

    My friend and I did a fly in for Caribou with Howard this year. It was my first and Howard did exactly what he said he would do. He checked on us everyday, and when we did harvest a nice bull, he flew in and picked up the meat and put it in a cooler. His plane was a Maul and could carry quite a bit of gear. When we came out of the field his wife fixed us up some chow before the long ride from Happy Valley to Fairbanks.

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    i see you also posted this on the PV forum, so i assume you already read the piece there about that flight service. if not, the info is there for you.

    best of luck on your hunt

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    Howard has some nice moose available no question. He can and will get you close but dont expect to get one easily. I think he drops you with a raft and motor so you are mobile. it is pretty thick his spots but there are moose around I know he took 2 around 65 this year but I think thats all the hunters he had. Practice your callin and bring your hip boots.


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