......and back again.

For those who care or wonder or even care to wonder, I have been out of state for the month of November. I have returned from my annual vacation back home to hunt deer with the grandkids and dabble around the farm. It was a great time away and this time it was really just practice for the up coming November when I will again return to the hills but come next fall it will be for keeps. I plan to retire and spend the bulk of my time in the ozark hills with a few side trips to other parts of the world to hunt and fish.

I see things have been well cared for here on the forum and seem to be going smoothly. I do have all my message boxes full and will try to answer all the questions I can. Most of those questions would make good subject matter for open discussion and I'll try to respond here to those as best I can, keeping the names and other private info off screen.

It seems there has been a run on certain types of guns and ammo with a total assault on stocks of powder and primers at local stores. I can't imagine what could have brought that on.

It's good to be back but honestly I have found that I can do without high speed internet, cell phones or TV. With rifle in hand, I can stroll through the hardwoods without a care and fully without contact to the electronic world. I can run a chainsaw all day without thought of the worlds troubles or how much taxpayers money is being wasted today. I can sit quietly on a hillside watching a creek bottom for any sign of a good buck never hearing a cell phone, only the chatter of a grey squirrel and the occasional twig snap as the young does come down the hill to drink. It was a tough time but I got through it.