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    Default Northern Air Trophy

    I was wondering if anyone has used N.A.T. out of Kotzebue. I want to take my son caribou hunting and wanted to see if anyone has used them.

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    Default Some archive search results...

    Did some research, good for me too, but I didn't find that much on NAT specifically. Hope you'll get some personal experience posts on this thread. After typing "Northern Air Trophy" into the "Advanced Search" feature, I read the first 5 results. Here they are with a comment about each.
    contains some pricing preferences relating to NAT and others.
    not much specific info about NAT
    contains the most specific NAT posts - alleged experiences versus drama with NAT...and reply by NAT defender
    Long thread, "The Kotzebue Discussion" - - interesting and only occasionally inflammatory thread ... mostly a good careful, skillfully steered discussion led by Mike Strahan about topics which bear careful consideration. Not much specific about NAT
    Nice hunt post but nothing specific for NAT

    Good luck.

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    Default NAT

    Check your PM's

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    I used them last year for an outfitted drop camp. I have no complaints, service was good, we got our bou and had a great time.

    PM w/ questions.

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    Default And from the PV Francko,m=1106067866

    found under Flight Service Comments: a long trip report - good pointers in the narrative -- "bring a shovel" -- good trip for these guys.

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    Default Used Them

    last year on a bou drop outfitted hunt.

    Matt and his crew delivered exactly what he said .

    All 4 of us took nice Caribou.

    If i had to do it again I would spend a little more and fly further as there was more than just our camp along the river we hunted.

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    Default Poor Experience

    Our crew (4) had a very poor experience with NAT in September 2008. The hunt was successful but the transporter was extremely unhelpful and did not perform as discussed over the phone. This was my 5th fly out hunt and we did not have unrealistic expectations. PM me for details.


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