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Thread: Want to hunt ducks!

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    Default Want to hunt ducks!

    I grew up hunting ducks and geese in Eastern Washington. I have lived here 12 years now, and of all the people I know and hang around, none of them hunt ducks. Are there any duck hunting clubs where a guy can get involved and start meeting duck hunters, and maybe a new duck hunting partner?

    I have all the gear and the desire to get back into it. Please let me know
    if you have any good advise.


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    What part of the state are you in? If you're near the ocean, there are still plenty of ducks to be had and really helps if you have a boat or at least a kayak. Southeast still has open water, but south central has mostly frozen water. I don't know of any duck clubs, but maybe someone has some info on that. Sea ducks for many are the name of the game for many now. Only got about 16 days left in the season for most of the state.

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    I live in Palmer. Yes, most of the water around is frozen now. I just want to get a bunch of info now so I can get after it next season.


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    This forum and the Refuge are as close to a "club" as you are going to get until someone buys some land in the valley and starts an actual barley farm with shallow ponds.

    One good way to meet other duck hunters is to attend a DU event. There will be big spring banquet this coming April or March here in Anchorage.

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    I too grew up hunting Eastern Washington I've been here about 12 also send me a PM. I live in Kodiak and the sea duck hunting is hard to beat.


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