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    Talking Trail Location Information

    I added quite a bit of information to the Alaska Outdoor WIKI on ATV trails, internet information links to information etc

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    Road Reports, Road Work, Driving Conditions, Forecast

    ATV DRIVERS GUIDE's%20Guide.pdf

    Information on Trail Easements


    Trails: South Richardson Highway

    Trails: Denali Highway

    Web site Alaska Wilderness Trails
    This web site has some information on 23 trails in Alaska and is by the author of the book Alaska Wilderness Trails. I have a copy of the book and it provides some good information. The web site is located at,


    Other information on Alaska Trails not all Trails are ATV trails

    Matanuska Susitna Trails

    These web sites are the Matanuska-Susitna Borough's On-Line Trail Guide; they provide a wealth of information on trails in the Mat-Su Borough temid=255

    This is a link to an excerpt from the Mat-Su trails plan

    This is another link to the Mat-Su on line trail guide with the trail’s plan and maps. May be the best information, maps temid=259

    Alaska State Trails Program Snow track grooming pool, has maps on various areas, Matanuska Susitna. Northern, Kenai 124&w=1224&sz=145&hl=en&start=10&um=1&tbnid=qWJKlY 0g99mYDM:&tbnh=138&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3DPetersville%2BRoad%2Balaska%2Bmap%26u m%3D1%26hl%3Den%26rlz%3D1T4GPEA_enUS301US301

    This is a link to the RS2477 by the State DNR Trail search from the Alaska Division of Mining Land and Water

    This is a link to the RS2477 Quadrant map

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    This is a list of trail names I have found some of I have been on others I have not. Links have been provided for some web sites with information about the trails.

    Bird Creek
    Eklutna _415&f=00&tt=14&bt=1&bts=1&zu=http%3A//

    Milepost 89 (6148'17.86"N, 148 5'20.17"W) there is a large pull off on the left going north trail access is at either end of the parking lot. There is another access 1 mile south but this is now private land and no trespassing signs are up.


    This is part of the Chickaloon, Knik, Nelchins Trail system there are many miles of trails (6157'32.75"N 147 7'35.60"W).

    Buffalo Mine Road mile 53 Glenn Highway, limited parking, back door to Hatchers Pass

    Kings River Mile 66 Glenn highway (6144'0.21"N, 14844'59.56"W) lots of trails and people parking at trailhead and on either side of the highway bridge. Private land on lower trail look for no trespassing signs.

    PermanenteMile 73 Glenn highway small parking lot on highway more parking on left side of road Private land on road trail begins mile up road on right.

    Sutton/ Jonesville mile 61(6142'36.70"N 14853'43.14"W) Glenn highway, turn left on Jonesville road

    Eska Creek

    Hicks Creek (a/k/a Pinochle Creek)Hicks Creek Trail Mile 99.4 ( 6148'12.18"N, 14751'50.31"W)

    Knik River/Jim Creek Jim Creek, 10.5 miles on “Old” Glenn Hwy, (right) on Sullivan Ave (toward Raceway Park) 1.25 miles, parking on right.( 6131'36.25"N, 149 0'12.88"W) Trail leads to river, there are stream crossings can get to knik glacier. Many trails thought area take care when crossing streams.

    Belanger passMile 121.3 Glenn Highway turn on to martin road 6154'15.65"N 14718'13.12"W , private property.

    Squaw creek Mile ? (old portion 6151'1.11"N 14723'24.56"W) Glenn Highway gravel pull off on left when headed north

    Gunsight Mountain Mile ? (old portion 6150'28.42"N, 14724'15.61"W) Glenn Highway gravel pull off on left when headed north

    Petersville Rd

    Turn left off the Parks Highway at Mile 114(6218'59.00"N, 15014'2.10"W) onto Petersville Road Trail begins at Jan Mar Road

    Petersville Corridor Management Plan

    Keni Peninsula

    Caribou Hills trail Map

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    Crown point mine trails
    (60*25’58.48 N 149*22”16.37 W)

    On the way to Seward trail starts out as a road by the trail river highway bridge and continues past a few homes and cabins and eventually ends up at the crown point mine, There is also a trail in the railroad yard across from the trail river campground 60*25”10.48N 149*22”03.70W.

    Deep creek Anchor river area trails

    Trail Map

    Other info

    Fairbanks Areas

    The Colorado Creek Trail begins at the Tolovana River Bridge at milepost 57 on the Elliott Highway. It follows the Duncan Creek drainage eastward approximately 13 trail miles to the boundary of the White Mountains National Recreation Area. This part of the trail goesthrough areas of open meadows, mixed with spruce and birch trees.From the trailhead (612 feet elevation), the trail climbs gently for about tenmiles, increasing insteepness for the next three miles to a point where it breaks out on top of the ridgeline (1,625 feet). This is an old burn area that overlooks a large, open meadow with the Beaver Creek drainage and the White Mountains visible in the distance. This is a good spot to cut firewood for the cabin. After another mile the trail connects with the Big Bend Trail leading 1/2 mile to theColorado Creek Cabin.

    Fairbanks China River

    Wickersham Creek Trail

    The Wickersham Creek Trail begins near Wickersham Dome at milepost 28 on the Elliott Highway. The trail is along a hill eastward for two miles to it's junction with the Ski Loop Trail. The trail follows on forested ridgeline another 3.5 miles past a high rocky peak (2,545 feet) before meeting the old "Winter Trail". This rocky peak offers good views of the Alaska Range and the White Mountains. One mile farther down the trail is the junction with the Trail Creek Trail which goes past Lee's Cabin (.75 miles), crosses Beaver Creek and on to the Cache Mountain Cabin. From this trail junction, the Wickersham Creek Trail drops steeply for 2.5 miles before it crosses Wickersham Creek. The trail goes through wooded areas of black spruce and meadows for another three miles before reaching the Wickersham Creek Trail Shelter and the Moose Creek Trail junction.

    White Mountains

    Some areas in the White Mountains National Recreation Area are open to the use of motorized vehicles. In general, motor vehicles weighing less than 1,500 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) and a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of less than 1,500 lbs. can be operated on lands along the southern and western boundaries. Portions of the Wickersham Creek Trail, the Beaver Creek National Wild River corridor, and the lands beyond the corridor are closed to summer use of motorized vehicles. There are also three Research Natural Areas and several hiking trails that are closed year-round to motorized use. See BLM's Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) management map to find areas open to the operation of OHVs.

    Contact BLM for more information on the use of OHVs in the White Mountains National Recreation Area.


    Murphy Dome

    Steese highway

    Circle-Fairbanks Historic Trail
    The Circle-Fairbanks Historic Trail starts. 4 miles (6.4 km) east of here on Fairbanks Creek. Road and ends approximately 58 miles (93 km) later

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    hanks fro all the work you have done collecting this information and thanks for sharing same with the rest of us.

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    thanks for all the work you have done collecting this information and thanks for sharing same with the rest of us.

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    The original link is busted.
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    wiki no worki

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    link not working

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    Default Broken Link

    Yes The link is broken but I posted all the information in the next 3 posts in after the origional post

    The web master needs to fix the outdoor wiki

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    this is some GOOD INFO! why isnt moose meadows on here?
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    Wow, some great links here. Thanks for sharing that!


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