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Thread: Buddy Kennels - a safe haven in emergencies

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    Default Buddy Kennels - a safe haven in emergencies

    Last September I attended the Willow Dog Mushers Association mini-symposium. Iím a fan of the sport. I learned quite a few feeding, training and other dog related tips that I can use on my hunting and mixed breed dogs. Any dog owner could benefit by attending and learn something from the pros and amateurs alike.

    I also met the people who are setting up a Buddy Kennel network. Their objective is to be able to re-house a large number of dogs in an emergency. Buddy Kennels are usually miles apart so that they theoretically would be out of a localized disaster like a fire or a flood. It is an established registry between the kennel operators with a tremendous network run by a few individuals. The borough animal control at itís best cannot handle moving and housing these large kennels.

    But what about smaller kennels? If your home burns, you have a medical emergency, an accident away from home, who takes care of your animals? Who knows about your animals and where they are on your property? Iím working on an emergency preparedness article for Alaska Dog News. What do you think of the questions and the idea of a similar network?

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    Sounds like a worth concept to explore. Do you have more details on the working of such a system and what qualifies as a "kennel"?
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