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Thread: Come shoot Indoor Pistol Matches

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    Default Come shoot Indoor Pistol Matches

    POC: Contact Andrea Tesch []

    Bullseye Winter Schedule 2008 – 2009

    All matches are at the Matanuska Valley Sportsman’s indoor range in Palmer. Sign up time is 9:00 AM and shooting starts at 10:00 AM. All of the matches below are NRA approved 2700 point matches.

    Date Day
    Dec 14 Sunday
    Dec 27 Saturday
    Jan 11, 2009 Sunday
    Jan 17 Saturday
    Feb 8 Sunday SECTIONAL
    Feb 28 Saturday
    March 15 Sunday INDOOR STATE
    March 28 Saturday

    We hope to shoot the Sectional on Sunday Feb 8, 2009. However, I do not have the confirmed with the NRA yet.

    I am also requesting the range for January 1 – although this will not be an NRA approved match. We can shoot whatever course of fire we choose on this day.

    I have also requested two dates in April, but they have not been scheduled yet.

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    Allen. I would love to get involved with some of this (my wife would also). How does one go about learning all you need to know (gear, whats acceptable, whats not, how to compete, etc.)?? Been leary before because we are both relatively new to this but I would love to learn and do a little competitive shooting...

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    I'm in the same boat with Hunt....

    What calibers and style of shooting are these shoots?

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....

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    Thanks for the interest.
    pretty good intro is here:

    NRA bulleseye is the name of the game.
    Offical rules are on the NRA web site.

    What we shoot:
    10 rds slow fire 10 minutes
    5 rds timefire 20 seconds, twice
    5 rds rapid fire 10 seconds, twice
    is the Basis national match course.

    2700 Match: the 2700 course of fire is three 90 rd matches.

    90 shots with 22 LR
    90 shots with any centerfire
    90 shots with 45 caliber pistol

    the 90 rd matches are fired 2 SF strings, the NM course, 2 TF strings, 2 RF stings

    You can enter and shoot 1, 2 or all three matches.

    Minimum requirements is a pistol and 90 rds.
    You can shoot a revolver or self loader
    You shot have extra rounds to allow for alibi strings for malfunctions
    iron sights or optics
    Your pistol must be safe and thier are some limitations on the grips
    You can go "Gucci" on gear or just come out and shoot and have a good time!

    Hope that helps! Thanks!

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    More I stole from the web sitewe shoot 25 yds indoor)...

    Here's something new for you to try. Take a one-pound coffee can and spray paint the bottom black. Set the can on its side downrange about chest height with the bottom facing you. Now take your favorite revolver or pistol in one hand, standing up with no rest, and shoot 10 rounds at the bottom of the coffee can. If you need to, take 10 minutes. By the way, set the coffee can 50 yards away.

    I've just described one-third of a bullseye handgun match, also known as "conventional pistol" in official NRA terminology. Bullseye is the granddaddy of all popular handgun competition in this country. Its three-gun, 2700-point format goes back to the 1941 National Matches and has been the standard ever since for national and state championships, regional championships, and most outdoor tournaments.

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    An NRA-sanctioned bullseye match is a three-gun affair that requires you to shoot identical 90 shot courses of fire with each gun. Gun one must be a .22 rimfire pistol or revolver, gun two must be a centerfire pistol or revolver of .32 caliber or larger, and gun three must be a .45 caliber pistol or revolver. Most competitors use two guns for an entire match: a .22 rimfire semiautomatic pistol and a 1911-style .45 ACP. Using two guns instead of three saves the expense of a third match-grade pistol, and it requires the shooter to accustom himself to the recoil, grip, and trigger pull of only two guns. Also, optical sights are allowed, including conventional scopes and red dot sights, although many shooters still use open sights.

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    Default Can you post a bit more info, like??

    Price? Range fee? Any other money stuff other than ammo? Some people here may not be NRA members (yes, I am NRA), would they need to join to shoot?

    I can't make the first day so do we need to make all the shoots? Sounds like fun to me and I have been looking for a shooting event like this. My other problem is my smallest handgun is Blackhawk .22 Mag, I lost the .22lr cylinder in a house fire and have not found a replacement as yet.


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    contact Andrea on the money side

    NRA m/s not required on NRA approved matches.
    NRA m/s is required for NRA Registered Matches, like the State Chmapionship.

    Talk to Andrea, somebody always seems has a loaner if you need a pistol
    Yo do not need to make all the shoots and you do not need to shoot all 3 mathes of the 2700


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