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    I have some 200 gr Nosler Accubond bullets and the brass but now havre to select a powder. The Retumbo with a starting load of 86 gr will go about 2842fps according to my book. Speer recommends a max load of 90 gr with 2949fps. I would like to develope a good hunting load and not sure where to start. My experience so far have only been with 44 mag and spl loads. My RUM is brand new and has only been bore sighted and was wondering what would make a good load? Someone did mention a good load was 96gr of Retumbo but that is over the max that the Speer manual suggests. Is this OK or should I never go over the max load? Common sence says no, that is way it is called max load but is this just a real low saftey margin? Thanks for the help.

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    I got 3200 fps with speer and sierra 200 grain bullets and RETUMBO. Out of 3 different Mod 70 300 RUMs. I used 96 grains and CCI 250 primers.

    Of course you want to work up your own loads carefully.

    Every manual will have a different max load.
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