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Thread: Planning a fishing trip in june 09

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    Default Planning a fishing trip in june 09

    I was wondering what would be the best time in june for salmon on the russian river for any and all salmon. Plus halibut out in the keni penninsula.

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    it opens on the 11 of June but fishing is best after the 15 or so till the end of the month

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    Reds are usually a solid bet from the 15th through the 25th at the russian. Halibut fishing is in full swing then . There is some king fishing in the salt water. Ninilchik. anchor deep creek, as well as kings in the lower kenai. Your odds are good at that time for all those fishes
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    Chuck nailed it with his post. Plan for 2 weeks if possible to allow for some diversity in your fishing.

    The big wave of first run of reds typically run through the lower river around the 15th. Of course there will be reds at the Russian on the opener and it will get better by the day. Be sure to keep an eye peeled for the big brown furry guys... they will be hungry and grumpy (I suppose since they just woke up, maybe having some coffee handy might ease the bear's grumpiness???? It works for me anyhow )

    The first run of kings will be approaching the peak on the lower river, and depending on the river condition/visibility could be some really good fishing. The 2008 season saw a very early bait opener which definitely helps on those low visibility days. We normally expect the Killey River to be pumping a BUNCH of mud into the Kenai sometime around the 15th as the snow melts in the foothills... didn't really happen this year because summer never really got here.

    The Kasilof River will also have some good early run king fishing during that time, however it will be on the back side of the peak.

    I am expecting that Ninilchik and Deep Creek will be closed for freshwater fishing when you are here, however the Anchor should be open for at least one weekend during your time. Most definitely hit the saltwater for kings out of Deep Creek or Anchor if you can.

    June 24 will have a -5.1 tide, so if you are into clamming, that would be a great time to hit hte beaches. (by the way, some believe that king trolling in salt water is better in the bigger tides). If you are fishing the lower Kenai for kings, you'll want to hit it early in your trip because of the tides. King fishing is more difficult on the lower Kenai during large tides.

    I think that will get you started. If you would like more information, I have timing charts, fishing tips and tutorials on my site (click here or the link in my signature). I also post weekly fishing reports during the season, but you can look through the archives to view reports from this year to get a taste of the season.

    Good luck in your planning.

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    I went around the 20th of June last year and had pretty good luck. Halibut should be around out in cook inlet as well, weather permitting.
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