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Bullseye Winter Schedule 2008 – 2009

All matches are at the Matanuska Valley Sportsman’s indoor range in Palmer. Sign up time is 9:00 AM and shooting starts at 10:00 AM. All of the matches below are NRA approved 2700 point matches.

Date Day
Dec 14 Sunday
Dec 27 Saturday
Jan 11, 2009 Sunday
Jan 17 Saturday
Feb 8 Sunday SECTIONAL
Feb 28 Saturday
March 15 Sunday INDOOR STATE
March 28 Saturday

We hope to shoot the Sectional on Sunday Feb 8, 2009. However, I do not have the confirmed with the NRA yet.

I am also requesting the range for January 1 – although this will not be an NRA approved match. We can shoot whatever course of fire we choose on this day.

I have also requested two dates in April, but they have not been scheduled yet.