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    does any body know if 121.5 east west express has been groomed yet

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    Default mile 121 report

    Was there this weekend and it was not!! Bunptity bump until you hit the meadows. It has not been that cold up there yet so watch out for anything with water under it.
    The Chulitna ridge trail going north is not passable either at the first big creek after the big gravel pit past the 127 trail connection.

    The Ridge trail headed south back towards Trapper creek is also questionable as there is a spot that has an open creek of water about 3 miles south of 121. It looked like guys were getting past it but there was no way we were going to chance it getting wet.

    Saturday was a ZOO up there!! By the time it was daylight, you couldnt hardly find a place to park. We were Motohomin it so we had got there thursday night O'dark hundred and it was fine of course.

    We saw one guy and the only thing coming out of his mouth was the 'F" word. He wasnt a happy snowmachiner yet as the parking lot was not being his friend. It filled up within a half hour of daylight.

    With more snow everywhere, it will take the pressure off petersville..

    Good luck

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    Lots of open water in the creeks means bridge building time The groomer can't go until there's no water. My son's guitar teacher owns a B & B in Trapper Creek. They have snowmobile tours also and groom their own trails. They were having a devil of a time getting through the wet areas.


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