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Thread: Kodiak Silver Fishing Report ?

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    Default Kodiak Silver Fishing Report ?

    Anybody heard anything about the Silvers over on Kodiak...we are headed in Sunday to fish the road system...



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    Question Kokdiak Fishing

    Alaska Author left to fish the road system last week. Hopefully, he will post a recap of his fishing excursions.

    It should be peak fishing. Please provide a report when you get back.

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    I was there at about the same time, and there were lots of fish trying to get into Kalsin Pond. So were 19 people standing elbow to elbow along both sides of 25 feet of stream crossing lines to snag them. Got some dandy pictures of the action that I'll post to see if we can identify anyone. With this kind of stuff going on, I'd stay far, far away from Kodiak.
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    Question Find a secluded river

    I hope this does not represent the majority of the fishing conditions along the road system. I think Kodiak is the place to go to escape the combat line up, but then again if there are lots of fish and good access theres usually a lot of fisherman.

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    Sad to say, it's been normal this summer according to the locals. There's plenty of fish to go around, but it's still happening. Sad to see. Maybe I should just pass the pictures on to their newspaper and the troopers.

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    When they paved the road out to Kalsin bay last summer it pretty much opened the American and Olds up to those who weren't willing to drive the old gravel road. I would say it doubled the pressure on both rivers. Still plenty of room and fish. I took 2 in less than an hour yesterday.

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    Default Emerald Isle Eye Opener...

    Yeah, I'm back; and if anyone thinks that road fishing Kodiak is all elbow to elbow angling, that is certainly not correct. I fished every day from last Sunday to last Friday and during those six days I was never within an elbow of anyone except my partner, and we pulled limits every one of those days. For most of those times, we were alone, and there was nobody but just us and the fish, and it was absolutely superlative.

    Sure, there were some crowded spots, and there always will be some areas that receive pressure due to time of day and highway easement, and those I avoided. I did not go to Kalsin Pond. Nor did I go to the American or Olds Rivers. Quite simply, I didn't have to.

    I fished pools on the Russian River stuffed with hundreds of fish completely alone. (10 minute walk) I stuck silvers on Salonie Creek standing on sandbars without anyone nearby. (3 minute walk) I stuck 'em on Sargent Creek right off the pavement on the incoming tide. (1 minute walk) Pillar pool gave up her dollies and I owned it. (park and fish) It just doesn't get any easier, and I nailed 'em each and every day. There were so many silvers on Kodiak Island that the eagle dropped one from the sky. (plopped right on Marine Way right downtown and still flopping) Even the fox got in on the action. (ripped one off from an anglers parked truck on the Buskin) Needless to say, my trip was very successful and my partner and I came home with 135 lbs of checked silver treasure.

    Stay far away from Kodiak?

    You've got to be joking...

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    Default Emerald Isle

    Catch anything in the high teens? Are you fishinig with eggs and spinners?

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    My son-in-law and his father just got back with silvers weighing 24, 21 and 19 pounds- all weighed and witnessed on certified scales. Lost one at the side of the boat that was "even bigger." The 24 is going on his wall. All were taken trolling in saltwater, so things are really promising for big fish in the rivers later in the run.

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    Default Spinner only...

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelieguy View Post
    Catch anything in the high teens? Are you fishinig with eggs and spinners?
    We were using Kodiak Custom Spinning lures made by Tony Davis out of Afognak. Fish were in the high teens and all river fish. Most were chromers, with the blush being held alive on the stringer to get switched out.

    The stringer got away with a blush on the end, and we snagged the stringer an hour later when the blush returned to the pool.

    Blush. I like using that term as a noun. Sounds just as strong as chromer and I like that one, too...

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    Default careful

    Be careful in your keeping of live fish on a stringer as it is technically illegal.
    I don't think it has ever been enforced but I belive it reads along the lines of possession, rentention, & transportation of live fish....
    I understand what you were trying to do but with that many fish around, ( I was there a few days prior to you ) like you stated there is no reason to keep a blush one alive on a stringer. You might want to kill it & keep it or release it & keep another.

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    Question Kodiak

    AKmarmot, can you provide a report on the rivers you fished? Did you have similar success as AK Author? Are there a lot of bears working the fish too?

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    Question Tidewater. . .

    How far upstream from tidal influence are you guys fishing?

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    The Kalsin pond snaggers you speak of are little different than the masses fishing the Russian or Kenai River for reds. When in Kodiak this past week I saw so-called fly fishermen doing nothing more than snagging one after another. In my 14 trips to Alaska I've seen more fish caught snagging/lining as I have fair catching. These troopers you speak of are going to be busy if they are going to stop this practice. It would be impossible to determine the difference between a lined fish and a fair hooked fish as long as it's in the mouth. By the way we caught all the fish we wanted using bait and not a one was snagged. Spinners can be pretty effective too.


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