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    After reading several reviews about broken sight pins I had an idea about a cheap sight protector. I took a used tennis ball and cut out about 1/3 or less and it fits perfectly over my sight guard. I figure if I am busting through the woods I can put this on and as soon as I soon see a critter I can take it off and slip it in my pocket.


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    Default Sight Protector

    That's a great idea!
    My dog is gonna miss his tennis ball...

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    Great idea! Sure beats the duct tape I wrapped around my sight in a hurry to protect it. That was just for travel, didn't actually plan on hunting with the tape on I have a Cobra Sidewinder XL sight and that's probably my biggest complaint about the sight, the lack of protection for the fiber optics where they run from the "wrap section" to the end of each pin.

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    Great tip. Rep points comin your way!


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