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    Hit Ireene again today. The bite is good but no big fish this time. 3 of us put in about 4 hours to catch about 30 fish total. All caught fish were between 6 and 13 inches. We fished with row close to the banks to catch the small ones. We did move out into deeper water and jigged big spoons with Herring chunks on the hook but no luck on the big fish. Had a couple good hits but no hook ups. Weve been talking about getting a fish camera to send down to try and find the bigger fish. Anyone out there have very much luck with them?

    We will be out there tomorrow again, I'll post results when we get back.

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    Three Rivers has a great deal on the aqua view for $179. The Nature Vision Fish TV runs about $119 at Sportsmans Warehouse. I love it I have a fish TV and a Marcum. They work very well. Depth and light penetration affect your field of view. but you can see a good 5 to 6 feet on the bottom. I take my chum can and set it out along with the camera and watch for the big ones. I would be willing to let you try my fish TV camera if you want to PM me its a couple years old and you have to fiddle with it to keep the screen from going black but your welcome to try it so you can see if you want to buy one.


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