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Thread: Make early sheep hunts in 14c res only

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    Default Make early sheep hunts in 14c res only

    What is the problem you would like the Board to address?

    Due to the fact that Alaska has the cheapest sheep hunting in the United States we have more and more resident and non-resident guides putting non resident hunters in for sheep permits. Alaskan residents are finding it hard to get drawn for these permits. In fact, last year in 14C, upper Eagle River all three tags went to non resident hunters. This is not fair to all Alaskans.

    What will happen if this problem is not solved?

    Until the legislators change the cost of hunting for non resident big game hunters Alaskan resident hunters are finding it hard to hunt in the state in which they live in. This is not fair and limits need to be established for all non resident hunters. Non resident sheep hunters are more successful then the resident hunters and this high success rate has a negative influence on the amount of permits that ADF&G will issue the following year.

    What solution do you prefer? In other words, if the Board adopted you solution, what would the new regulation say?

    In 14C make all Aug 10-22 hunts for residents only.

    Solutions to difficult problems benefit some people and hurt other:

    A. Who is likely to benefit if your solution is adopted?

    All resident sheep hunters.

    B. Who is likely to suffer if your solution is adopted?

    All users will find it harder to draw the later tags, since the non-residents sheep hunters will not be allowed to apply for the early hunts.

    List any other solutions you considered and why you rejected them.

    See my other proposals

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    See other 14C thread. The member here who had an Eagle River permit had the Aug 10-22 tag. Your info is incorrect, and thus should not be included in your BoG proposal.


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