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Thread: question about rafts

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    Default question about rafts

    I am considering buying a 16 ft inflatable with a 40 horsepower jet. i was wondering what rivers are navigatable in that type of rig, and how shallow of watercan it run in(aaprox.). I heard good things about these types of boats. I currently run my 16ft grumman with a 9 1/2 horsepower and i have a blast. Any insight before i spend the money would be greatly appreciated.


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    I am thinking about an inflatable - not real sure yet. Every turn I take to find the perfect boat leaves me wanting more - like more boats! I think that after several months of thinking that my original advise that "there isn't a do-all boat for Alaska" is sinking in!

    What are you looking at? Cat, sportboat/zodiak?


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