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    I recently had my Lab neutered and then about a week after the surgery he got deathly ill. He ran a fever of 105, wouldn't move, so my wife took him to the emergency vet and they took xrays and tests and so forth. They found no foreign objects in his stomach, no evidence of neurotoxins (from spider bites, they are in calfornia) or chemical ingestion. They think it was a blood infection of some sort. He was on IV antibiotics for a few days, now he is home taking meds orally. I'm overseas so I have no idea what is going on, anyone ever heard of such a thing? Could it be related to his recent surgery?


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    Yes, it definitely could be related to the surgery. I hope your dog is feeling better soon.
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    I agree, it sounds like an infection or quite possibly a reaction to sedation, usually that happens a bit quicker though so I would lean more towards an infection from the surgery. They get ill like we do if we don't keep our surgery site clean and dry, if he licked or chewed at it as well won't help matters either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LastFrontierLabs View Post
    Yes, it definitely could be related to the surgery. I hope your dog is feeling better soon.
    Since I don't know your dogs history. AND he's in California. I would have him tested for the Rickettsial diseases. Lymes , Erlichea, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. All are transmitted by a tick bite. Erlicheas symptoms include idiopathic outbursts of high fever and lothargia. These are abatted by doses of Doxcicyline antibiotic.
    This is a very specific blood panel and not included in the normal blood work up. The onset of Erlichea can be caused by seperation anxeity, or is usually just idiopathic(unexplained). It doesn't go away and can recure the same way as before.
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